Transport For Britain

Building for the Future

Our History

Transport for Britain was established as a limited company in 2018 by Peter Longman a successful and forward thinking entrepreneur based in Lichfield in the West Midlands.

Transport for Britain was originally born in response to HS2. Like many business leaders around the UK, Peter could not see the logic in just developing a high-speed rail-link between London, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds which had only limited connectivity for the vast majority of the UK population. He believed that for the estimated costs (originally £33bn and currently estimated to have risen to around £108bn), badly needed investment in the existing rail infrastructure and in our motorway network would bring greater benefit for all UK the population and help the country more effectively meet it’s environmental obligations. By upgrading the existing rail lines, building new track and /or new motorways alongside existing railway lines, re-opening old lines (where there was sufficient demand), and investing in the latest electric and smart technologies, the UK’s transport infrastructure capacity could be increased sufficiently to meet the country’s needs now and in the future.


Our Goal

Transport For Britain will work with the Government, key stakeholders and funders to develop an effective integrated transport network for the UK.

Our Strategy


  • Promote greater public consultation to ensure national and local transport infrastructure plans adequately meet the needs of local communities in a sustainable way.
  • Reform of the funding regime of national and regional transport projects, building a collaborative approach with a range of stakeholders.
  • Champion the use of new technology in order to deliver sustainability and improve the travellers’ experience.
  • Promote Active Travel.
  • Following the publication of the Integrated Rail Plan (IRP) Transport for Britain will lobby government to clearly identify and commit to spending priorities for delivering financial sustainability, required capacity (now and in the future), reliability and value.
  • Build greater capacity in our SRN by lobbying for, and, facilitating the building of Private and / or partnership funded Toll-Roads.
  • Encourage development of the UK’s under-utilised network of international / regional Airports.


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