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Alternatives to the Eastern Leg

With the loss of the ‘Eastern Leg’, huge social changes caused by a global pandemic, and climate change making us rethink how we travel- what are the alternatives?


Britains roads are essential to our everyday lives and a healthy economy. Learn how Transport for Britain is facilitating use of the latest technologies to help meet future demand, lower emmisions and reduce environmental impact.


Britains railways have suffered from decades of underinvestment while passenger numbers have pushed the network to breaking point. Transport for Britain is working to facilitate major investment in our existing railway infrastructure to help increase capacity and service reliability.

Cycleways & Footpaths

The health and happiness benefits of cycling and walking are well documented while only 6% of people cycle and 14% walk to work. Transport for Britain is lobbying for greater public funding of cycleways and footpaths across the UK.


Britains waterways are often a forgotten part of the UK's transport infrastructure yet they offer a low cost, environmentally friendly way to transport goods and materials around the country.  Transport for Britain supports investment in restoring this rich cultural heritage and its use for commercial purposes in addition to leisure.


With the climate crisis the future air travel is uncertain. Against this background and the recent legal ruling preventing the expansion of Heathrow. Transport for Britain supports the development of regional airports primarily for domestic and European short-haul flights.

Our Vision

A fully integrated and sustainable network of roads, railways, bicycle/pedestrian pathways and canals which meet the current and future transport needs of the UK population.

Our Mission

To bring about a revolution in road building, railways, dedicated cycle ways and pedestrian pathways that traverse the length and breadth of the country, improving work journey times and the leisure travelling experience for all.

Our Strategy


  • Promote greater public consultation to ensure national and local transport infrastructure plans adequately meet the needs of local communities in a sustainable way.
  • Reform of the funding regime of national and regional transport projects, building a collaborative approach with a range of stakeholders.
  • Champion the use of new technology in order to deliver sustainability and improve the travellers’ experience.
  • Promote Active Travel.
  • Following the publication of the Integrated Rail Plan (IRP) transport for Britain will lobby government to clearly identify and commit to spending priorities for delivering financial sustainability, required capacity (now and in the future), reliability and value.
  • Build greater capacity in our SRN by lobbying for, and, facilitating the building of Private and / or partnership funded Toll-Roads.
  • Encourage development of the UK’s under-utilised network of international / regional Airports.


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