Over the past couple of days the government have announced further funding for cycling and walking schemes, part of a larger 2 billion package set out for Active Travel in May 2020. £161 million has been allocated to 46 local authorities, with a small number of local authorities securing around half of it and several authorities not receiving any funding at all.

The allocation of funds seems to be solely down to the local authorities. Having been told by the government that Active Travel funds favoured those councils who were bold with their ideas, especially in the reallocation of road space to cycling and walking, it seems that some councils were too stuck in their ways. This unfortunately may have wider implications for those councils who do not reallocate road space to Active Travel, as the DfT have made it clear that council’s wider transport funding will be impacted if commitments to Active Travel are not shown.

For further information click here to view Cycling UK’s full break down of council and project specific funding grants.