One of the latest examples of poor Active Travel management and lack of responsibility from county councils for safe cycleways can be found in North Yorkshire. The A170 is a popular cycle route in the North York Moors, with the White Horse and Rievaulx Abbey being well liked tourist destinations, however there is no infrastructure in place to facilitate cyclists.

This is a busy road with traffic usually driving at around 60mph, despite this the road is clearly marked as an official cycle route. According, to the government’s ‘Cycle Infrastructure Design’, cycling in mixed traffic above 50mph is not acceptable. Government’s advice is that a fully kerbed cycle track should be in place and a buffer between the cycle track and the road of 2/2.5m.

When North Yorkshire County Council was challenged on the lack of provision for cyclists on the A170, they argued that: “Taking bikes off the road would mean they then had to cross it at right angles to traffic that was moving too fast to be safe.” This has left the situation unresolved with cyclists still using a dangerous road with fast moving traffic.

This is just one of many examples of the failings by county councils to provide adequate safe cycleways. Transport for Britain feels passionately about the government and county councils doing more to promote Active Travel, creating safe alternatives to mixed road use.

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