Roads which charge electric vehicles are going to play a major part in the EV revolution world wide. Both Sweden and Germany are already testing sections of motorway with different charging systems and several other countries are already planning electric roads building projects including India.

As with all emerging technologies there are a number of electric road systems currently available. The Swedish system uses twin tracks laid just beneath the road surface while the system being used in Germany uses overhead cables similar to trams and electric trains. Both these systems require a physical connection to enable charging however, newly emerging induction charging offers a truly wireless option. Induction technology is currently being piloted in London by Transport for London to charge stationary taxis.

Transport for Britain believes electric roads offer a viable environmentally sustainable solution for all road users without the need to stop and charge and we believe there development and construction will be critical in helping the Government meet its emissions targets and specifically in getting logistics companies to switch to EV’s in the coming years. Investment now in the right electric road technology for Britain’s is needed. Support Transport for Britain in getting Government to add electrification of our roads to their national road infrastructure development strategy and plans.