Transport for Britain welcomes the Government’s recent announcement to invest an extra £23 million to rejuvenate cycling and walking across England. However, given the enormity of the Governments commitments to reducing emissions and improving the health and wealth of the UK population we believe many more millions will need to be invested in our footpaths and cycleways to make them the transport option of choice for those who currently rely on the convenience of their cars for short / local journeys such as the school run. It is also critical that this and any future investment is made as a part of a wider integrated transport infrastructure strategy which includes investment in our existing road, rail and public transport network making them smarter, greener and more energy efficient.

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic we have a once in a life-time opportunity to permanently reduce emissions and improve the health and wellbeing of the British people. We can help do this by making our footpaths and cycleways the best in the world, by incentivising their use and by making it more costly and / or less convenient to travel by private petrol / diesel car for those shorter journeys. To make our cycleways and footpaths the best in the world and make them the ‘go-to’ choice for short local journeys we need to invest hundreds of millions rather than tens of millions – if you agree let us know!